… an emotion to be expressed in all seasons

Bill Hogue is author of today’s Tuesday Reading.  He is senior clinical professor of information science and executive consultant for enterprise initiatives at the University of South Carolina where he previously served as USC’s first Vice President for Information Technology and CIO, and he is an executive coach in the MOR Leadership Programs.


… the practice of being alone with your thoughts


When we think of solitude, if indeed we ever turn to that subject, we may be apprehensive and cringe at the thought of being alone and the silence that implies.  Researchers have noted that most people would prefer to do just about anything rather than be left alone with their thoughts.

Leveraging Practices

… to Enhance Your Leadership

Brian McDonald is the author of today’s Tuesday Reading.  He is the president of MOR Associates an organization he founded in 1983 based on the belief that many organizations do not maximize the contribution most people want to make at work.  More recently, he has led the development of the MOR family of leadership programs.

Is that a promise?

Making and Keeping New Year’s Promises (a.k.a. Resolutions)

It’s nine days into 2018 and most of us who made New Year’s resolutions still remember them.  New Year’s resolutions are neither new nor unique to modern humanity.  Babylonians made New Year’s Resolutions some 4,000 years ago.  In their celebrations, they made promises to their gods to pay debts and to return borrowed objects.  These promises can be considered the forerunners of our New Year’s resolutions.

Take a break …

… you (we all) need one

Marty Jordan, human resources consultant at Linkage, Inc., tells us that “we are a society obsessed with activity and view inactivity as being lazy.”  She goes on to note that “We’re conditioned to be overworked and to believe that if, at any point, we aren’t doing something that resembles ‘work,’ we’re not productive.”

Talk To Yourself (Out Loud)?

…  You May Want To Give IT a Try

Kristin Wong, a Los Angeles journalist and writer, who contributes to the New York Times and other publications, found herself approached by a stranger at a grocery store asking if she needed help.  He had heard her talking to herself out loud, in public.  She had grown so comfortable with talking out loud to herself that she didn’t realize what she was doing.

A Time to Say Thank You!         

At least with my family, preparation for Thanksgiving dinner began several weeks ago as decisions were made about where we would gather and who would prepare and bring what food to share.  It’s always a wonderful time to get as many family members as can come together to express our thanks for another year and for the support of each other.