Working Journals

By: Jim Bruce

Many people have observed that journaling will change the way that you go about your work and your life.  In today's reading, Rick Brenner of Chaco Canyon Consulting observes that you record what you did and why you did it.  And, you record what you didn't do and why you didn't do it.  You record what you saw and what you only thought you saw; and later, upon reflection, what you didn't see.  You separate out facts from what you only assumed.  And, most important, when you go back to earlier entries, you see patterns you may have never noticed if you were not writing the words down.

We Are All People

By: Jim Bruce

Most of the time we interact with others -- fellow members of a team, colleagues assembled for a particular issue, individuals we meet by happenstance -- to get work done.  In "We Are All People," Rick Brenner of Chaco Canyon Consulting reminds us that we are all people, different people, and that we have one common objective, getting results.  He provides nine guidelines you may find helpful:

    1.  Assume that you still don't understand the problem.

    2.  No one measures status accurately. 

Blame or Accountability

By: Jim Bruce
Is It Blame or Is It Accountability? --  When we seek those 
accountable for a particular failure, we risk blaming them instead, 
because many of us confuse accountability with blame.  What's the 
difference between them?  How can we keep blame at bay?
Today's reading comes from the Chaco Canyon newsletter.  In it Rick
Brenner explores key differences between "accountable" and "blame"
noting, in particular, accountability's focus on organizational learning
and the prevention of future failures.