Saying Something Important? Three Questions to Ask Yourself First

Jim Bruce's picture By: Jim Bruce

John Baldoni  is one of my favorite writers.  In today's reading "Saying Something Important?  Three Questions to Ask Yourself First" which you will find at      <>  he reminds us that “its not what you say, it’s what people hear."  In the piece, he quotes Frank Luntz, pollster, commentator, and author:  "The onus of understanding falls on the communicator, not the listener."  

Baldoni then goes on to suggest three questions that will help you make communication a priority and sharpen your messages so that they are clear:

1.  What have you got to say (and why)?

2.  What does your audience expect?

3.  How will you reconcile the differences?

He then goes on with several suggestions – don't speak down to your audience, say what needs to be done and ask them to do it, and wrap your message in a story.

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