If Only I Had Known

Jim Bruce's picture By: Jim Bruce

Today, I turn to Rick Brenner's Chaco Canyon Newsletter for a piece -- If Only I Had Known -- that spans two issues:

1.    http://www.chacocanyon.com/pointlookout/060531.shtml

2.    http://www.chacocanyon.com/pointlookout/060607.shtml

In this piece Rick asks whether you have ever regretted saying something that you wouldn't have said if only you had known just one more little fact? He suggests that we all have done this and offers some helpful suggestions for dealing with such sticky situations.

Trust that you are getting some R&R during the summer.  My daughter, who is a school teacher, reminded me last night that there are just three more weeks before the school year will start for her.  So, take some time for yourself now.


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