Not Achieving Your Goals? 5 Common Mistakes

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading is “Not Achieving Your Goals?  5 Common Mistakes”which appeared in the CBS business blog recently.  Kelly Goldsmith is Assistant Professor of Marketing at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.  Marshall Goldsmith is one of the world’s leading leadership thinkers.  He is author or editor os some 30 books on leadership and management. 

Each of us sets goals all the times.  Sometimes the goals are very good goals.  Say, for example, SMART goals:




Become an Extraordinary Leader

By: Jim Bruce

The Tuesday Reading this week is “Become an Extraordinary Leader” comes from Scott Edinger’s blog at the Harvard Business School.  Edinger is the executive vice president of Zenger Folkman leadership development consultancy.

Your kids bring home their report cards.  Where do you focus – the As or the B– or C?  Of course, on the C.  It is really where improvement is needed.

Stop Procrastinating...Now

By: Jim Bruce

It’s easy for me to imagine that I don’t procrastinate.  But that would really be stretching the truth, stretching it a lot.  The reality is that no one of us is immune to procratination.

Today’s reading is “Stop Procrastinating...Now”by Amy Gallo, a contributing editor at the Harvard Business Review.

There are lots of reasons why we procrastinate:

   – because we have too much to do

   – because we fear the difficulty and drudgery of the task

Leadership Lessons from the Debt Deal Fiasco

By: Jim Bruce

Yesterday, Dave Logan's column "Leadership Lessons from the Debt Deal Fiasco" appeared in the BNET newsletter.  Given the timeliness of the subject, I wanted to share the column and its lesson with you.  Logan is a faculty member in USC's Marshall School of Business.  He teaches leadership and management.  In addition, he's a Senior Partner in CultureSync, a management consulting firm he co-founded in 1997, and author of four books including "Tribal Leadership."


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