Humility as a Leadership Trait

By: Jim Bruce

This week’s Tuesday Reading is an entry –  “Humility as a Leadership Trait”– from John Baldoni’s Harvard Business Publishing blog.

Baldoni asserts, and I agree, that leaders who want to inspire followers need to demonstrate both their accomplishments and their character.  Key to demonstrating character is being humble.  And, humility is essential to leadership because it authenticates a person’s humanity.

The article suggests three ways a leader can demonstrate humility:

How to Give a Lousy Presentation

By: Jim Bruce

This week’s Tuesday Reading is from BusinessWeek’s August 25, 2009 Communications Column:  “How to Give a Lousy Presentation”. 

We all make a lot of presentations.  And, I know that you are like me and know that you are able to do better most of the time.  This piece gives you 15 excellent ways to make a lousy presentation.  It thereby gives each of us a set of solid reminders for all of us.

The Power of Persuasion

By: Jim Bruce

In "The Power of Persuasion", Susan Cramm  Cramm argues that persuading and inspiring others starts with your character and credibility which you have established through personal interactions.  She believes that effective leaders get things done through others and, in doing so, are able to create a powerful role for themselves, their organizations and technology.   In the piece she suggests that talking to stakeholders, providing help, interacting with their staff and clients, understanding their work, empathizing with

Mastering Q and A

By: Jim Bruce
We all do presentations and after the presentation there is always
questions and answers.  While the questions and your answers do not
add all that much content to what you had to say, how you answer
plays into how your audience evaluates you and what you had to say;
presence and presentation again.
Today's -- really yesterday's -- reading is a short piece from a
recent Point Lookout newsletter -- Mastering Q and A.

A Matter of Confidence

By: Jim Bruce

Good morning!  

In my reading this week, I found this short piece by John Baldoni.  In it he talks about the foundational importance of importance and suggests that you can nurture it by "inviting them to look up," by "letting them see you sweat," by "learning from your mistakes," and by "radiating hope."



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