To Get Honest Feedback, Leaders Need to Ask

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading is “To Get Honest Feedback, Leaders Need to Ask”, as essay from the pens of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner which appeared on the HBR Blog Network.  Kouzes and Posner are coauthors of The Leadership Challenge:  How to Make Extraordinary Things Happen in Organizations.  Both are at Santa Clara University where Posner is Acolti Professor of Leadership and Kouzes is Executive Fellow of Leadership at the Leavey School of Business.

“The Behaviors that Define A-Players”

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “The Behaviors that Define A-Players”, focuses on identifying those leadership skills that make a difference between good and exceptional individual performers.  The essay comes from the pens of Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman and appeared in the Harvard Business Review boogs.  Zenger and Folkman are CEO and president of the leadership consultancy Zenger | Folkman and authors of several books on leadership.

Curiosity and Leadership

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading, Curiosity and Leadership, was written by Sarah Miller as a Leadership Reflection for the CIC X Leaders Program cohort.  Sara is Faculty Engagement Service Leader in the Division of Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin - Madison.

Curosity lives where learning and motivation intersect. 

What does curiosity have to do with leadership? Everything, I would argue. I see it as the connective tissue that links the topics of the IT Leaders Program:


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