Danielle Hilmes

These are challenging times for all of us, but hopefully you are able to find your own silver linings amidst the disruption you are facing.  Here is what I am learning about leadership from COVID-19:  Inclusion, Leadership Styles, and Networking...

I’m going to join in with Libby and share my reflection on the same topic: leadership in the midst of crisis. I agree with Libby’s point about the difficulties we’re all dealing with, and the gaps and vulnerabilities that may have exposed in IT architecture. We’re certainly not alone in that (I’m looking at you, Zoom). Like Libby, I’ve also been thinking of the leadership principles we’ve discussed, and how increasingly relevant they’ve become during this crisis. One topic in particular keeps coming up for me: managing stress.

Leading and Managing in the time of COVID-19

By: Jim Bruce

Tuesday Readings for the past four weeks have focused on how we can best work during the pandemic which now envelops all of us. Brian McDonald began this series by urging us to “get on the balcony to think strategically and play out the different scenarios.” He also noted that “communicating is a key responsibility” and urged leaders “to be self-observing about how you lead.”

Engage Your Staff

By: Jim Bruce

In a 2015 Interact/Harris Poll of some 1000 U.S. workers, 91% of the respondents said communication issues prevent leaders from being as effective as they might be. The most frequent issues noted in the survey were: 


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