Need Help?

. . .  Ask for it!

On any given day we will each need help from others in one or more of our life-circles – our work, our families, our church, and our social and community activities, etc.  And, we also will have opportunities to extend our help to others.  So, why then, do we have such a hard time asking for what we need and helping when and where we can?

Think Fast, Think Slow

Sometimes we need to react fast, automatically.  For example, as we see a large truck speeding towards us as we are standing in the edge of the street waiting for a traffic light to change.  Or, as we observe the subtle cues of a very dissatisfied client.  And, at a different time, we may find ourselves totally engrossed in the deep work1 of a seemingly intractable problem.  And, then our thoughts and actions need to proceed at a slower pace.