June 2016

And, they said …

By: Jim Bruce

… at this year’s commencement exercises

This year’s spring graduation season has come to an end.  About 4,700 degree granting public and private, two and four year institutions awarded some 2.8 million degrees at their commencement exercises.  And, every one of these gatherings had speakers that spoke of not giving into the darkness and despair of the day, of celebrating a major accomplishment, of being resilient, not fearing failure, listening, being generous, being ready, taking risks, focusing clearly, finding your own path, and a long list of

2016 MOR Leaders Conference

By: Sean McDonald

On June 14, the MOR Virtual Conference brought together over 1,200 leaders from over 25 universities to jump-start the discussion on “Reimagining IT.” From MOR’s vantage point the rate of change in the external environment is accelerating. We believe universities need to respond to this by exploring how their IT communities can work collaboratively to better serve their clients. And then, after a roadmap is in hand, begin to realize the future.