Managing for Excellence

Learn about Essentials of Managing, HR's program for new managers


Learning Objectives

Managing for Excellence is intended to develop experienced managers’ strengths in managing individuals and groups. Individuals who participate in this program will be able to:

  • Identify the behaviors and competencies that exemplify managerial excellence at MIT
  • Describe the impact of managerial excellence on individual staff, a work group, and department
  • Create and implement strategies that advance a group’s work in support of MIT’s mission
  • Manage a work group for optimal effectiveness

Who Should Participate?

The program is intended for managers at MIT who:

  • Have experience managing others (ideally, at least three years)
  • Have experience managing at MIT
  • Are currently managing a group or team
  • Are open to feedback, reflection, and development
  • Are willing and able to make the time commitment involved in participating fully
  • Have completed an Enrollment Form and their managers have completed a Manager’s Statement of Support

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