Talent Management

Problem Solving

By: Jim Bruce

We are born problem solvers!  From the moment you wake in the morning until you are fast asleep at night, you are at the ready, just waiting for the next problem to arise.

Now, some of the problems are simple and repetitive, like, for example, what do I do when the alarm goes off signaling that it’s time to get up?  Or, what route do I take to go to work today? In such simple instances, our brain is ready to serve up a solution: “Let’s do what we did the last time this situation arose.”  Sounds a lot like a habit, doesn’t it?

Don’t Look Back

By: Alicia Jurus

Only look back if that is where you want to be.

Today’s Tuesday Reading, Don’t Look Back, is an essay by Scott Orr, Manager, Research and Infrastructure Computing, Dean’s Office, School of Science, Indiana University.  The essay first appeared as a program reflection earlier this year.

Don't Get Gun Shy

By: Jim Bruce

Today’s Tuesday Reading, “Don’t Get Gun Shy”, is an essay by Lizz Duke, Senior Systems Analyst and member of the ServiceLink Team at NYU.  The essay first appeared as a program reflection in November 2016.


The Leader’s Role in Leading Leaders

By: Sean McDonald

As leadership communities grow across our client organizations, we’ve witnessed several interesting approaches to leading leaders.  Here are a few noteworthy trends we see in letting leaders spread their wings.

Toxic Staff Members

By: Jim Bruce

Do you have one?

We’ve all encountered them.  The one, or two, or more bad apples on our teams who have little or nothing positive to say about anything, regularly upset and disrupt others, and make work miserable for everyone. 

Coaching? Mentoring?

By: Brian McDonald

What's the difference?

Someone asked the other day, “What do you think?” and I wondered, is this a time to coach or a time to mentor?  In our interactions everyday we may have the choice to adopt one approach over the other.  Yet we need to be able to make the distinction between coaching in contrast to mentoring.  When is coaching the better path;  when would mentoring be a better option?


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