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Keynote Presentation Slides - "IT Leadership, and insights from a professorial CIO" -- Brad Wheeler, IU Vice President & Chief Information Officer Professor of Information Systems, Indiana Universiry. [Used by permission, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0] (pdf, 17.4 MB)

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1.“Speeding up on Curves

2. “How to approach your own career like an entrepreneur


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Agenda Highlights

Day One ::

8:15 AM


9:00 AM

Opening Comments

Welcome to this Conference

Conference Themes

Building this Community

Creating the Context for a Conference on Being More Adaptive

What Big Trends Are Challenging IT’s Ability to Adapt?

What Are the Implications of These Trends?

How Do IT Organizations Respond, Realign or Reinvent Themselves to Become More Agile?



Brad Wheeler

Keynote Presentation:  A CIO’s View on the Challenges and the Need to Become More Adaptive

Brad Wheeler | VP for IT & CIO | Indiana University

12:30 PM


Optional Lunch Discussion - MOR Leaders Alumni Community
Co-facilitated by Sean McDonald, MOR Associates and James Kent Dudek, UC Berkeley

How are you using your MOR IT Leaders Community back at your campus?

Explorations in opening a channel for ongoing collaboration across our connected IT Leaders communities


1:30 PM

The Attributes of a Non-Adaptive Organization

How Do You Score Your Organization?

  • Inflexible business practices
  • Insufficient experimentation
  • Centralization
  • Slow to decide, bias toward the status quo
  • Hierarchy and rigid structure

What Does This Assessment Tell You?

What Is the Organization Readiness to Change?




Strategies for Developing a More Adaptive Organization

Organizational Strategies

Developing an Adaptive Culture

Creating an Agile Workforce


Challenges to Creating More Agile Organizations


Conference Call to Action

6:30 PM

Reception: Build Your Network


Dinner: Honoring Annie Stunden

In the nine years since she retired as CIO and Director of the Division of Information Technology at the University of Wisconsin, Annie has contributed her considerable passion, skill and flair to developing leaders in the MOR's leadership programs. Happily for her and sadly for us, Annie is moving on to new adventures focused on some of her other loves: catching up on mystery novels, quilting and hanging out with her grandchildren. This evening’s dinner will be a celebration of our dear friend and coach, Annie Stunden.

Day Two ::

7:45 AM


8:30 AM

Opening Comments


Matt Riley

Leadership Lessons from the Hot Seat: Putting Your MOR leadership Toolkit to Work as a CIO



Kathy Pletcher| Former CIO, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay


Matt Riley | CIO, University of Montana




Strategies to Employ to Achieve the Desired Future State

What Strategies Would Help You Move Your Organization Forward?

How Can We Create the Momentum for Change versus the Status Quo?




Focusing on My Domain, My Unit, My Sphere of Influence and Our Future

How Is the Work Evolving in Your Unit?

How Is the Technology Evolving in a Way That Impacts Your Unit?

How Does the Talent Need to Evolve?

How Do You Need the Culture to Evolve?

How Would You Like to See the Group Dynamic Evolve?





IT Leaders Panel:
What Have You Done to Align IT or to Create a More Adaptive Organization?
How Have You Had to Evolve Your Skill Set During Your Career?


Three alums of MOR Leadership programs share their fresh perspectives on how they and members of the IT Leaders community can be active participants in meeting the challenges facing higher education.



John Gohsman | Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, Washington University in St. Louis



Anastasia S. Morrone | Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies, Indiana University




Lyle Nevels | Assistant Vice Chancellor - IT & Deputy Chief Information Officer, UC Berkeley


12:30 PM


Chris Mayer

Keynote: A $400 Million Dollar Enterprise Upended by Technology

Chris Mayer | former CIO and Publisher of the Boston Globe

Once upon a time there were august and powerful institutions with long histories of being the most trusted and important sources of knowledge in their realms. Spread across the nation, they were thriving ecosystems of content experts, curators, and small armies of people to support delivery of content. Then new technologies suddenly appeared that gave people new ways to access and interact with the knowledge they offered. Almost overnight their business model unraveled and they found themselves in a struggle to survive. Some didn’t. This is the story of the U.S. newspaper industry, but in many ways it parallels the story of higher education. Chris Mayer, former CIO and Publisher of Boston's paper of record, the Boston Globe, will share insights learned from navigating that institution through wrenching change.


Renewing Your Skill Set

What Do You Need to Do to Increase Your Value Add?

What Will You Add to Your Repertoire in the Year Ahead?




How Can We Catalyze the Needed Changes and New Skills within Our Workforce?

What Steps Can You Take to Ensure Your Team Is Evolving the Needed Skills?

How Can We Collectively Influence the Contribution IT Makes to the Future?

4:00 PM

Closing Comments


Adjourn -- See you next year!